Pastors Don and Paulette

After many successful years in the business and educational communities, Don and Paulette Caywood felt God calling them into pastoral ministry. This led to their founding Odessa Christian Faith Center in 1981.



Pastor Don Caywood

Pastor Don Caywood’s dedication to bringing the uncompromised Word of God to the people of West Texas and the Permian Basin has not only helped build Odessa Christian Faith Center, but has also opened doors for him to speak at churches and seminars throughout the United States and abroad. His ministry of integrity has won the hearts and confidence of many congregations and Christian leaders.




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Pastor Paulette Caywood is recognized for her clarity of teaching and wisdom for practical Christian living. Her wealth of wisdom and discernment is of great value to a culture where these qualities are a priceless commodity.



Growing up, graduating, and sharing over 40 years of marriage in West Texas, Pastors Don and Paulette Caywood have a great knowledge of the people in the communities they serve…their needs, likes, and tendencies…and they have a passion to equip them for the vision God has for the Permian Basin.

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  1. I have been attending OCFC since January 2020 (almost 22 years) and truly God knew what he was doing when he directed me to a church I only knew through the Voice of Faith broadcast. Pastors Don the the late Paulette love people, all people and teaches an uncompromising Word of Truth. This Truth literally transformed my life from a poverty mentality, fear and defeat from the world’s system that said I am less than because of my gender and ethnicity to total freedom and confidence in the perfected love of my heavenly Father. I get teary eyed when I look back and see how I allowed the enemy (Satan) to steal from me. I shout for joy as I continue to look forward and move forward into the destiny of prosperity in every area of my life. I now know my true identity and inheritance and I not only walk in it but reach out, embrace others and help them see their potential in Christ! Great is the faithfulness of God to us!

  2. I started going to OCFC when I was only 13 and going thru one of the hardest times of my life, thanks to my aunt and uncle that took me in. It was the greatest blessing.its been 30 years now and I can say OCFC has always been my home and my blessing. Thank you pastor Don for always healing my heart by ministering the word of God. It’s kept my faith strong.

  3. Our first time going and we loved it. The staff and everyone were so friendly. The spirit of God definitely was in the atmosphere. All the honor and glory to God.

  4. Donna,
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    It’s always tough to lose a loved one, but as you shared, thank God for His church and people like Reta who reach out and love and encourage people.

    We pray, too, that the Word ministered in Brenda’s Memorial service will have a lasting impact on all who attended.


    Pastors Paulette and Don Caywood

  5. Pastors Don and Paulette,

    Wanted to thank you for the funeral service for Brenda Martin. We always went to church together. When I got there Sunday and went to the pew we always sat in, I had an overwhelming sadness. My best friend was not there then Rita came and got me to go sit with them. That was God working through her. I pray that some of her family and friends take what you preached and act on it.

  6. Teresa,
    Thank you for contacting us.

    1) Buy some grape juice and crackers.

    2) Read I Corinthians 11:23-32.

    These verses explain how to receive communion. These scriptures explain to us that we are to discern the Lord’s Body when receiving communion. In other words, examine yourself to make sure you understand that the bread represents Jesus’ broken Body which was wounded for your healing. (Isaiah 53:5, Matthew 8:17, I Peter 2:24)
    Examine yourself to make sure that you understand that the cup represents His precious Blood was shed for the total forgiveness of our sins.

    3) Eat the bread, then drink the cup thanking Him for your healing and the forgiveness of sins.

    Building Great Lives!
    Don Caywood
    Odessa Christian Faith Center

  7. Still love you pastors. Thanks for pouring the Word in me from ’83-’92. So blessed to see what God has done and is doing at OCFC.

  8. Pastors Don and Paulette were grateful to hear from you about your worship experience with us last Sunday.

    Also, they let our children’s pastor know your comment about your six-year-old’s experience.

    Thank you for contacting us.
    We are here for you!

  9. I had the pleasure of meeting Pastor Don
    In the OCC workout room about 11 months ago! I ask him for some guidance and received words of wisdom as he was led by the Holy Spirit.
    The last couple of weekends I have had an unction we needed to visit OCFC! So
    at 10:30 I found myself sitting beside my 11-year-old daughter enjoying worship,
    the smiling faces that welcomed us and a sweet kind lady who hugged us and spoke identity over us!
    I went to the front and received prayer from a bold, fervent prayer warrior! A precious lady I knew from past engagements but didn’t know this was her home church! So many divine appointments!
    Pastor Don delivered an amazing message, I truly loved every minute of our visit! The prophetic word Don gave me at the end of service was perfect, it was the Heavenly fresh manna that I needed to sustain me. The Lord knew to the extent and measure of what I needed thank you Pastor Don!
    I also wanted to send a shout to the children’s ministry, my six-year-old said she really loved the time she spent there and had lots of fun!

  10. I’d like to know how the Wednesday service is…is it a teaching and worship etc…
    Would LOVE to attend this church!
    I just saw the Pastors speaking on TV! Loved them!

  11. Hello Alisha! We are so glad that you have chosen to make OCFC your home church. Our next Membership Class will be held on Wednesday, November 2 during the 7PM service and again on Sunday, November 6 during all 3 services.
    Together, we are Building Great Lives!

  12. I have been attending for a couple of Sunday mornings and been in sincere prayer about a church home. I know that God has spoken to me and I want to be apart of this awesome church. I would love to know when the next membership class is. I work almost all weekends so the only service I can attend is 8:45 Thank you so much for your love and passion for souls.

  13. I love hearing your topics about parenting and marriage. I love how you apply the biblical teachings as they can be applied to modern lives. I’ve been to many churches growing up that still teach how you should apply those teachings to life as it existed 20, 30, 40 or more years ago. Times have changed and it helps to know how to live it TODAY. We young’uns need all the help we can get to cope maturely with issues in today’s world and help in teaching our children how to cope and make changes for the better. There are so many children out there who have no direction from their parents and fall through the cracks to a blessed and fruitful life. It’s a domino effect. It was placed on me when I was pregnant that my son was going to be a strong leader. A leader of what? I don’t know, but just a leader. It’s my responsibility to give him the tools he needs to deal with difficult people in different ways and desire to help those who need it. Also, to help him discover his strengths and work on his weaknesses, but most importantly to love others, faults and all. I gain new “tools” to share with him every time I visit OCFC. What a great church. I admire Pastor Don and Paulette for their professionalism with such delicate and important matters. OCFC Rocks!!!!!

  14. Mr. Williams,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    We founded Odessa Christian Faith Center 34 years ago this month.
    We began our television ministry in 1986 on a local station.
    Yes, I have been teaching the same Gospel of Christ all these years.
    We would love to meet you when you come through Odessa.

    Merry Christmas and blessings to you.

    Building Great Lives!

    Don Caywood
    Odessa Christian Faith Center

  15. Saw Don on T.V…………Can U imagine that……….What letters I use…The ” T “….to me looks like The Cross…..and The ” V “……..Well ..That’s Victory………….I Just wanted to Say that I Loved The Message You Shared on T.B.N…………..U Mentioned ; Dominion….Being Born Again, the Importance of Words ….and The Cross………..THESE ARE The KEYS….Like The WORD……….T EACH…..Jesus life and teachings given to ……..Each……. person U Share with……= T..EACH ………….I have to Wonder How Long have U been delivering this Message in A Short Straight FOR-WORD….Manner Like or As …U did on T.V…………Have you ALL WAYS….PRESENTED….THE PRESENT……Like that ?? Well Done and you R gonna Love T HE TRUTH…..When U SEE IT…..God Bless ……..I Do Go TH ROUGH ………Odessa ……The is A Ford Dealer in Andrews T.X I use………….may some T I ME …..I Will Get to Meet U…..Till then…………Stay Blessed……When U are in The Spirit as On T.V…….To Me U looked like a twenty year old…Great Energy….All For God’s Glory….Well Done …….my Name is Clayton Williams 210 760-1570….I founded ( ) as A tribute to T he Lord………my Way of Sharing and Giving Back….

  16. This last Sunday Pastor Don said about Ties and offering to give don’t be afraid see what happens, I only had $ 5.00 too give that’s all , well I was so blessed two days later ,I needed $75.00 to put on a deposit for my electric service, a man comes too my door offers me $ 65.00 for a broken down car…God is Good…Pastor Don was so right..

  17. Praise God for my pastors n they are blessed n highly favored by God almighty amen😁

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