Kids Faith Center


This ministry of excellence focuses on the importance of safety and the well-being of children. With well-trained ministry volunteers, a clean and sanitized environment and ministry from the word of God, we are confident parents can enjoy their service with-out distraction or worry, knowing their children are lovingly cared for.



Through the caring hands of our well trained teachers and volunteers we are planting seeds of greatness in every toddler’s heart with praise & worship, video tools and interactive activities. Parents are free to enjoy “big church” with peace of mind knowing their children are learning lessons created just for them.








We believe in building a firm foundation of God-based principles that begin early in children’s lives. With skilled teachers, praise & worship, fun object lessons and cool crafts your preschooler is sure to enjoy learning about God! Our Preschool Team is excited to work alongside you in Building Your Child’s Great Life!


kfc-picIt’s our responsibility to make the Word of God fun and applicable in the lives of your children! With high energy activities and powerful lessons, we teach how awesome our God is, through creative object lessons, praise & worship, games, character skits, and videos that will help your children understand what God wants for their lives.



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