Membership Class

Ready to impact the world around you? The Membership Class is for you! Whether you know for certain this is where you belong, or you need more information, join us to find out who we are and what you can be when you partner with us!

Volunteer Class

Each month Odessa Christian Faith Center offers the Volunteer Class as a follow-up class for those who have completed the Membership Class. Become a vital part of this life-changing ministry by going through this class and getting plugged in to a ministry where you will be able to use your God-given gifts to bless others.

Water Baptism

Water Baptism is a life changing experience that God intended for all his kids to enjoy. We welcome you to discover what this event means in your life and your identity in Jesus.

Holy Spirit Class

The Holy Spirit is another side of God’s personality that He gave to his church to be a constant standby and counselor. Join us to learn what the Bible has to say about this powerful spiritual inheritance!

“In the Last Days, I will pour out my Spirit on every kind of people: Your sons will prophesy, also your daughters; Your young men will see visions, your old men dream dreams.” Acts 2:17 The Message Bible.

Discovery Class

The Discovery Class is a two-part course that will open your eyes to your spiritual gifts, and give you a deeper look into your personality and the personalities of others.

In Part One you’ll take a spiritual gifts test designed to show you your strongest spiritual giftings. It will also teach you how to use those gifts in the church, your family, and every other area of your life.

Part Two is a personality test proven to show you your personality type. It will help you know yourself, and how to relate to everyone in your life.

 Financial Freedom Class

The Financial Freedom Class shows us God’s way to prosperity. The Bible actually teaches us how to stay out of debt, get out of debt and build wealth. 3 John 2 tells us that God wants us to prosper. There are innumerable scriptures that explain just how we can get to the land of prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Adult Classes

  1. Hello Molli.
    The purpose of the Membership Class is to give you more information about who we are as a church.
    We do require that those who would like to volunteer in one of our ministries complete this class.
    We do not require you to be baptized into our church.
    For more information, please call our offices at (432) 368-7714.

    Thank you!

    Together, we are building great lives!

  2. I don’t think I understand the purpose of the membership class; is this for new Christians? Do you require participation in this class to become an actual member of your church?if a person wishes to join your church but has been previously baptized do you require them to be baptized again into your church?

    Thank you

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