# 020 Flashback: #002 Worship


Every 10 episodes we flashback to the beginning.  This week we are flashing back to episode #002: Worship.  In this episode Mark Blair interviews OCFC’s Music Ministry Leader, Lowell Hohstadt and Ministry Volunteer, Anavella Regalado about the importance of worshiping God and how it impacts our lives.  You will also enjoy the short teaching clip from Pastor Don Caywood’s message, Worshiping in His Presence.


*This episode includes a short clip of the teaching “Worshiping in His Presence”.  If you would like to purchase the full teaching or if you would like a copy of OCFC’s Worship Album, “Free Eternally”, please fill out the form below:


For more information about Lowell Hohstadt click here to visit his website and find him on iTunes.








For more information about Anavella Regalado click here to visit her website and find her on iTunes.




Do you have a question that you would like to ask Lowell or Anavella? 

Send it to christy@ocfc.org and we will have them answer it on an upcoming podcast.

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