In this week’s Episode, Mark Blair interviews Pastor Don Caywood regarding who the Holy Spirit is and what role He plays in our lives.  The interview was so good, that we had to split it into 2 parts.  This is Part 2 of that interview.

After the interview, we’ve included a clip from Pastor Don’s message, “The Teacher”.  In this teaching, Pastor Don shows how the Holy Spirit teaches us all things by guiding us into all truth.  “The Teacher” is the 3 message in a 5-Part series called “The Holy Spirit”.


We believe this teaching will empower you to grow in your understanding of the importance of being Baptized with the Holy Spirit and praying in tongues.  We would love to hear from you about how this message has helped you or challenged your thinking.  If you have any questions that you would like to be answered on an upcoming show, please email us at ocfc@ocfc.org.

If you would like to pray to receive your prayer language or for more information, please call our offices at (432) 368-7714 and one of our Staff Ministers will be happy to speak with you.


*This episode includes a short clip of the teaching “The Teacher” from Pastor Don’s series “The Holy Spirit.  If you would like to purchase the full teaching or the full series please fill out the form below:



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